Oxford Companion to Wine 5. utgave

Utsolgt hos oss nå, men tilgjengelig hos Norli, blant annet. Om du ønsker den signert av forfatterne, så kan vi sende deg en signert såkalt bookplate i posten, så langt vi har disse tilgjengelige. Kontakt oss på office@symposiumwines.no for dette.

Nå kan du sikre deg 5. utgave av Jancis Robinsons unike oppslagsverk innen alle tenkelige tema om vin.

Mye har skjedd siden forrige utgave i 2015 og blant de mer enn 4.000 oppslagsordene, finner du over 250 nye innførsler som for eksempel: paper bottles, artificial intelligence, carbon footprint of wine, low intervention wine, NOLO, regenerative viticulture og underwater ageing – for å nevne noen…

Finnes kun her i nettbutikken til Symposium Wines inntil videre.




Sakset fra forlaget:

Everything you could possibly want to know about wine, in one fully up-to-date A-Z volume!

The Oxford Companion to Wine is a uniquely comprehensive and in-depth A-Z reference book on every aspect of wine: more than 4,000 entries covering topics from history through geography, geology, soil science, viticulture, winemaking, packaging, academia, technology, and regulations to people and places, tasting, writing, and the language of wine. The system of cross-references takes the reader from one entry to another, showing how all these topics are interconnected in the fascinating story of wine in its most traditional and modern forms.

This new fifth edition, which benefits from the knowledge and experience of over one hundred new contributors, all experts in their field or geographical region, is expanded by 264 new entries, and every existing entry has been reviewed, updated, and polished. The text is more international than ever, written for wine lovers of every persuasion, including those who love wine but want to know more in order to increase their enjoyment of this endlessly fascinating liquid, and those who are intent on studying wine, professionally or privately. This is a huge treasure trove of knowledge, for the first time breaking the barrier of one million words, but the alphabetical format and the links between the entries make it easily navigable, and the language, while not shying away from complex science, is intended to open the door to every curious reader looking for answers on every question they have ever wanted to ask about wine.